K-12 Groups

K-12 Groups


School visits are generally scheduled between 9:30am and 12pm on weekdays. After-school groups can schedule weekend visits.

Students participating in Tinker Lab

Special School Program: Home/Land Exhibit

Grades 5-12
90 minutes

Inquiry-based exploration of current art exhibition Home/Land. Home/Land pairs true stories of those who escaped or attempted to escape slavery in the years surrounding the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 with contemporary practices of family separation on land that professes its freedom. Students will discuss selected artworks and create an artwork of their own in examining identity in response to the exhibition. This program offers a gallery walkthrough with a hands-on art-making activity.

Lewis H. Latimer’s Life and Time — Core Gallery Tour
Grades 3-12
60 minutes

Hear behind-the-scene stories of Latimer’s “unconquerable” journey as a self-taught African American inventor and humanist in the 19th century. Students will learn about American History, Technology, Citizenship, and Career Choices.

Con Edison Young Inventors Workshop
Grades K-12
90 minutes

Immersive hands-on experience combining science & arts tailored to different ages or interests. Sample projects include Light-up LED Art, Biologically-Inspired Robot and Electronic Instrument, using Arduino and Scratch programming, design thinking, and exploring circuitry.

From Chains to Freedom: Voyage of George Latimer
Grades 5-12
90 minutes

Learn about the astonishing life of George Latimer, Lewis Latimer’s father, who escaped from slavery and ignited an early abolitionist movement in Massachusetts. Students will learn about slavery, the underground railroad, abolitionism, and the Dred Scott decision. This program includes a group hands-on activity to create a timeline map.

*Visitors are welcome to explore our garden at the conclusion of their tours. School groups are allowed to have lunch in the Tinker Lab or museum garden when schedule allows and with advance notice.

*Title 1 schools receive 20% off. Latimer House Museum is a certified DOE Vendor.

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