Women of Color and Systems of Health

In this Reading & Discussion series, Your Silence Will Not Protect You! – The Writing of Audre Lorde, we will take a look at the work of Audre Lorde and her view of language and storytelling as powerful technologies for self-empowerment. Each of the five sessions of the series will begin with a discussion of excerpts from her books followed by a writing prompt inspired by the texts we read. 

Participants are welcome to join any number of the five sessions in October – December 2020.

Women of Color and Systems of Health 12/5

In this last workshop, we will talk about the lessons learned from Lorde’s previous work and read excerpts from The Cancer Journals, “Breast Cancer: A Black Lesbian Feminist Experience'” and “Breast Cancer: Power vs. Prosthesis” to discuss how women of color create their own spaces for self-care, often within neglectful and dehumanizing health care systems.

This Reading & Discussion series is supported by Humanities NY.