Virtual STEAM Workshop: Stop Motion Animation with Robofun

Join us for a virtual program in partnership with Robofun!

In this animation workshop, participants will design and produce short films. This class will teach students skills in technology and artistic expression. Students will learn basic stop motion techniques: storyboarding, frame rate, angles, artistic design. This course is a great outlet for students to express themselves creatively while learning technology skills.

For this class, a tablet device and basic art materials like markers play dough, or clay is required. Please download the Stop Motion Studio app before class.

Google play:

About Robofun

Robofun offers dynamic workshops for children using cutting edge technologies. Children can visit their studio on 102nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan or go online to build and program robots, design and code video games, and create animation films. Your child will learn about engineering, coding, and creative thinking. The work is based on children’s innate passion and curiosity and the workshops allow them to become makers and designers. Concurrent to the activities at the Robofun studio, they run creative after-school programs and train teachers in over 100 schools in the New York City area.

Ages 8 and above, Families welcome.

Pay as you wish. Details to join the live workshop will be provided closer to the event date. Registration required.