Memoir Talk: This African-American Life – by Hugh B. Price

Join author, former CEO of the National Urban League, and great grandnephew of inventor Lewis Latimer, Hugh B. Price, for a book talk that chronicles an outstanding African-American life.

“People who believe a problem can be solved tend to get busy solving it,” William Raspberry wrote in the Washington Post in July 1994. “Hugh B. Price is a believer.”

This comment on Price’s inaugural keynote address as head of the National Urban League proved prescient. Over his tenure, Price launched the League’s Campaign for African-American Achievement, spearheaded pressure on the federal government to combat police brutality and racial profiling, and helped repair frayed relations between the Black and Jewish communities.

Yet his role with the League was just one among many for this impressive man. In This African-American Life, Price traces his forbears, among them Nero Hawley, who fought at Valley Forge under George Washington; George and Rebecca Latimer, who escaped slavery by stowing away on a boat and traveling north as master and slave; and their son Lewis Latimer, who worked with Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison and played a pivotal role in perfecting the light bulb.

Learn more on February 16th at the Landmarked historic home of Lewis H. Latimer. This book talk is free and open to the public. Please RSVP to reserve your seat.