Tinker Lab S.T.E.A.M Summer Camp

Our two-week, half-day camp provides hand-on, project-based instruction for children ages 6-14 to explore a variety of S.T.E.A.M. activities.  

Constructing Skylines: This Summer, join us as we undertake the monumental task of building a city from the ground up!  

As part of the “Tinker Lab Construction Council,” campers will design a perfect city for our citizens! Focusing on aspects of Architecture, Transportation, Engineering, Electricity, and Physics, participants will build a model city using cardboard and recycled materials.  The constructed city will include mobile vehicles that store energy, city lights with wired circuits and microcontrollers to monitor timing, and mathematical fractals to add creative details.  

Camp will meet 9am-12pm and is organized into 2 one-week sessions.  Each week-long session is designed as a complete course but also to complement each other so when combined students will have an enriching and complete experience.  We invite campers to participate in both sessions and each session will feature a week-long project along with mini activities, challenges, and games.  The program will introduce campers to coding, hands-on building, and artistic design.  Parents and guardians are invited to attend the culminating showcase where campers present their finished projects.